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Hillary Clinton a détruit ses Emails

Publié par TIME sur 29 Mars 2015, 15:14pm


The Fraud continues: Hillary Clinton Permanently Deleted Her Emails
Avoka Hillary yo fè kongrè Meriken an konnen yo pa p jwenn anyen anplis, se kòmkwa Hillary ta vide asid sou "server" y ap mande a:
Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean

Ezili Dantò Note: What does Hillary Clinton deleting her emails mean for Haiti? It means loss of legal evidence and more deliberate Clinton fraud. Haitians believe that the Clinton and Cheryl Mills Haiti email would give evidence that the Clintons used their private home email server to correspond with their World Bank and State Dept partners to sell influence, access and even US military units to private businesses. Hillary Clinton people just announced that her server was "permanently deleted." The is a convenient scrubbing of evidence and Mrs Clinton's "apology" for this is as authentic as Mr Clinton's apology regarding bringing famine to Haiti. Haitians believe that access to the Clinton emails that supposedly are "deleted" would also show how the Clintons used the World Bank in Haiti and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti as their front to plunder Haiti earthquake funds and to change Haiti laws to benefit the mining and financing magnates who are mining Haiti's gold/copper/oil resources.  

http://time.com/3762285/hillary-clinton-permanently-deleted-her-emails/  #Haiti
Private emails reveal ex-Clinton aide’s secret spy network

Why the Clinton email server story matters — and why it may be worse than you think

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