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Omegaworldnews, suite pillage fonds PetroCaribe : administration Lamothe/Martelly

Publié par Omegaworlnews sur 12 Juin 2017, 21:55pm


The following firms (NOELSAINT CONSTRUCTION, SETRAGEC, INTERLOC, BATI GRANDANS and IBT) are owned by Martelly administration insiders and some cases directly by the President or his Chief of Staff Anne Valerie Milfort’s family members. The Senate report reveals something amazing. These companies were receiving millions of dollars and in some cases full payment for the work they were supposedly assigned to do. Except that, there were no contracts between these companies and the country. In some instances, the money was going out so fast resulting in millions of dollars of overpayment to the companies. The Minister of Finance at the time Wilson Laleau has yet to explain or respond to these malfeasances.

The report reveals the following:

NOELSAINT CONSTRUCTION – received 2 million dollars for the rehabilitation of Rue Msgr Beauge in Jeremie work was never done. SETRAGEC received 13 million dollars for the rehabilitation of Rue Destinville Martineau in Jeremie – work was never completed. INTERLOC received 4.2 million dollars for the renovation of Rue Vital in Jeremie, work was never done. BATI GRANDANS, received 3 million dollars to renovate Rue Balthazar in Jeremie, and to this day, these streets in Jeremie have not been renovated. Some nearly 40 million dollars distributed to companies owned by government bureaucrats to do work that they never intended to do in the first place, but, life continues in Haiti as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, the two most notable culprits, ANNE VALERIE MILFORT AND WILSON LALEAU are continuing to operate inside the government.

Aside from the Jeremie Street construction conspiracy to defraud, other companies received money for work that was never done. Among them is IBT, it received a no-bid contract for the construction of the SIMBI Hospital for 6 million dollars – money the company received in full even before a building plan was filed. To this day, hospital SIMBI remains an idea. In addition to the 45 million construction management contract, SOTEC also received two other contracts totaling 40 million dollars. One was a 24-million-dollar contract to build the Port of Jeremie in Jeremie and 16 million dollars contract to construct the public market of Fontamara. SOTEC has absolutely no experience in direct construction or managing construction sites.

To this day, no one has been held accountable for the theft of nearly 2 billion dollars

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