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OmegaWorldnews. Vols présumés des fonds Petrocaribe. 2ème partie

Publié par Omegaworldnews sur 14 Juin 2017, 09:05am


From July 18, 2012, to September 10, 2014, the Martelly administration spent 878 million dollars from the PetroCaribe fund, paying companies that did not have to perform any work for the money. Below are the names of the companies, the date they received the payment, the bureaucrats who approved the payment, the country where the company is registered, and the status of the contracted work.

GTCROAD CONSTRUCTION22 MILLIONAug-11HAITIJosefa Gautier8 klilometers built
GTCConstruction Lycee Alexandre Petion6 MillionNov-12HAITIJosefa GautierNo Revocation
GTCConstruction of  San Fil Hospital8 MillionDec-12HAITIJosefa GautierNo Construction
HADOM Construction of Minister of Foreign                    Affairs10 MillionJul-11DRJosefa GautierNot Done
HADOMConstruction of the House of Parliament!0 MillionAug-11DRWilson LaleauNot Done
HADOMConstruction of the Minister of Interior10 MillionAug-11DRWilson LaleauNever Built
HADOMConstruction of  Minister of Commerce10 MillionSep-11DRWilson LaleauNever Built



* HADOM is a Dominican Company owned by Dominican Senator Felix Bautista. The company received nearly half a billion dollars for construction work of most of the Haitian Ministers buildings including the House of Parliament. To this day, the work has not commenced, and the money had not been returned to the Haitian Government. The present Government is making no effort to recoup the money from HADOM.


Consortium Tropic Build Worldwode Holding LLCConstruction of Housing for Earthquake victims3 millionJul-11USAWilson LaleauNo Home Built
IBTRoad Construction Route Neuf6.9 MillionOct-11USAWilson LaleauNo Work Preformed
IBTConstruction of Hospital8 MillionNov-12USAWilson LaleauNo Work Preformed
IBTConstruction of Fontamara Public Market15 MilllionNov-13USAMarie Carmel Jean MarieNo Preformance


*  The Firm IBT, LLC, is an American company incorporated in the State of Florida. The firm was represented in Haiti by Mr. Kiko St. Remy, the brother in law of President Michel Martelly. IBT. LLC received nearly 35 million dollars for several construction contracts, and the firm performed on none of the contracts. An American company allegedly engaged in corruption in Haiti is a flagrant Violation of the Foreign Anti-Corruption Act.

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