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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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The Assassins of November For Drouin and Numa, executed by the orders of Duvalier, on Thursday, November 12th, 1964

Publié par Michèle Voltaire Marcelin sur 12 Novembre 2020, 17:27pm

Catégories : #PEUPLE sans mémoire..., #DUVALIER

I remember childhood
I remember a far away time
Before my heart fled south
When good intentions came to nothing
And promises were trampled with the dew
They came for you at dawn
Dragged you through prison gates
After a shave, a wash, a change of clothes
I don't believe you cried
Even when they strapped your shoulders
To the pole and the bullets
Echoed in our eyes
Swarmed in your chests
It was Thursday
School children with ribbons in their hair
Would bear witness
Until you signed your name
In the earth
With your bare feet
Cameras rattled off to steal your soul
But all they captured was your death
Replayed for days on end
So those who were not in that narrow street
Or on the balconies facing the cemetery
Could hear your rising moan and see your bodies slump
So still between the shade and light
You faced the firing squad
Eyes opened wide
And died under the bright sky
Your blood, the color of the dress
They forced your sister to wear to belie her grief
Flowed and seeped into everything
And pain was everywhere
Let the crowd bleat
Choking on its own shame
As it returns from the execution grounds
What stirs its body and spirit is Fear
But you are fetterless Numa,
And Drouin, your wandering is done
You've found another freedom

Michèle Voltaire Marcelin

To read more about Drouin, Numa, and Jeune Haïti: https://www.fordi9.com/Pages/gallery3Les13.html

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