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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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London Review Of Books. Haitian Democracy. Par Pooja Bhatia

Publié par Pooja Bhatia sur 24 Mars 2021, 20:08pm


Je traduis uniquement la première phrase qui annonce la teneur de l'article lequel décrit l'ampleur du désastre avec le soutien des USA. L'auteur manifestement a séjourné ces dernières années en Haïti

TRAD: Il n'y a pas de leader qui soit universellement méprisé, mais Jovenel Moïse s'en approche

No leader is universally scorned, but Jovenel Moïse comes close. Turnout was 18 per cent in the elections that made him president of Haiti in 2016. Since then there have been government-linked massacres, including one that killed at least seventy people, a spike in kidnappings, an uptick in murders, rampant inflation, blatant corruption and pervasive fear. For almost all Haitians life has got much worse. Moïse has ruled by decree since January 2020, when most parliamentarians’ terms expired. He has replaced all the country’s mayors with people who report only to him. He would like to cement his authoritarian grip by forcing constitutional reform with a referendum in June.Depuis lors, il y a eu des massacres liés au gouvernement, dont un dans lequel soixante dix personnes au moins ont été tuées,

As a general rule, life in Haiti is safer and calmer than the headlines in rich countries allow, but for almost three years, Haitians have been warning relatives and friends abroad not to visit. They have orchestrated strikes and mass protests, most of them peaceful, to demand Moïse’s resignation or at least to hold his regime to account. Others have fled, often to the United States, which has made it gratuitously clear they are not welcome: in its first two months, the Biden administration has sent some twenty deportation flights to Haiti. Some Haitians hoped that Moïse would step down at the end of his term on 7 February. Instead, before dawn that day, officers raided the homes of some twenty people, including the chief justice of the supreme court, Yvickel Dabresil, and locked them up on accusations of plotting a coup. Moïse announced the arrests on the airport tarmac, then flew off with his wife to the seaside town of Jacmel to celebrate carnival.

Moïse says he is entitled to another year in office. Legal experts agree that his interpretation of the law requires twisting it beyond recognition, but there’s an old Haitian saying that the constitution is paper and guns are steel, and Moïse has the backing he needs from the OAS and the USA. At a press conference on 5 February, the State Department took Moïse’s side in the end-of-term argument. Perhaps this was mere expediency from the White House – Haiti is a small country and the Biden administration has inherited a myriad messes – but Moïse saw a green light. The arrests took place 36 hours later.

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