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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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RD/POLITIQUE énergétique

Publié par siel sur 15 Mars 2021, 20:35pm

Catégories : #AYITI-RD relations

Un commentaire intéressant qui décrit les ambitions de la Chine et son intention d'exploiter les terres rares existant en RD ( en Haïti de même), les dégâts encourus pour l'environnement de la RD par cette future exploitation, l'opposition des USA face à ce partenariat CHINE/RD qui a menacé de suspendre leur aide. Ce qui a mis une pause à ce programme.

"Energy Plant is the beginning of a much larger plan. Manzanillo is the deepest natural port in the caribbean underutilized due to the monopoly directing all shipping through Santo Domingo, etc. If they built a major highway to Montecristi from el Cibao and through mountains from San Juan de la Maguana/Ocoa to the northwest it would be the busiest port in the Caribbean for import/export of DR agricultural products, this is what they will sell to the DR public, job creation, investment, opportunity, etc.. What they are not telling you Mainland Chinese investors backed by the CCP already eyeballing and they had hoped to announce in the news a multi-billion dollar port project but strong opposition from the American gov't who are threatening withholding aid temporarily halted this. Also there is fear of the release of more names of corrupt politicians in DR congress and elite political class if they support the Chinese project. Chinese already greased the squeaky wheel of corrupt DR politicos with gifts, they are after and want the consessions to mine rare earth minerals. DR business elites partnering up in joint ventures with the Chinese watch this closely, they have surveyed large swaths in the central mountains, the island is an untapped jackpot in rare earth minerals used in industry, cell phones, microchips, the port is necessary to ship the minerals close to the source, but the environmental impact will be devastating. Environmental groups must unite, its going to be a huge battle, Wake up!"

Et aussi cette autre information qui montre une similitude entre la politique de DUVALIER F.qui avait fermé tous les ports du pays et Trujillo qui avait fait de même.

"I can mostly agree with you. The Santo Domingo monopoly is a result of Trujillo era. The generalisimo had iron hand control of everything. He wanted a view from Santo Domingo to control of the ships entering and leaving the country. Other port locations in the country were out of sight and not allowed to grow."

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