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Lu sur le net: Plus de 2000 Haïtiens ont marché à Washington DC pour réclamer la souveraineté d'Haïti (en anglais)

Publié par siel sur 21 Mai 2021, 14:07pm


Lu sur le net: Plus de 2000 Haïtiens ont marché à Washington DC pour réclamer la souveraineté d'Haïti (en anglais)
Dear all,
More than 2000 Haitians took to the streets of Washington, DC on May 18 to reclaim the sovereignty of their country. Most came in buses from Boston, New York, Miami, New Jersey, etc. Others came by planes, by trains, or drove from far away distances to attend the event. They came with such messages as NO to the US, OAS, UN INTERFERENCES IN HAITI, NO TO DICTATORSHIP, NO TO THE REFERENDUM, NO TO THE ELECTIONS UNDER  JOVENEL MOISE. They were carrying coffins, photos, protest signs, banners, and the names of the victims of the new dictatorial regime that the US Government has been fostering and tolerating in Haiti. 
The large crowd was accompanied by a "RARA" in various politically charged chants, They blasted words like "arrete Jovenel, arrete Jovenel!!!". Then they chanted "sove seye jesi, notre chere Ayiti; petite nasyon,..," and the national anthem. There were many high profile personalities in attendance, including Marlene Bastien, Farah Juste, Carole Demesmin, Bethova Obas, Jean Fritz Magny (SPHN-17), and Pastor Gerard Georges; the latter two flew in from Haiti for the occasion. Others in attendance included Ernst Vilsaint, Yvrose Celestin, Jean Gary Astrel...
Manny took turns at the microphone to address the crowd and to denounce what has been going on in Haiti under the grips of the US, UN, and OAS. A tense moment came when Congresswoman Yvette Clark started to allude to the elections as a way forward. Immediately the crowd exploded in anger and disapproval! She was resoundingly rebuffed. She had to rectify herself and explained that she was in favor of changing the regime.     
The highlight of the event came when the beatings of the drums and the blowing off of the horns forced some people inside the White House to come out to the balcony to see the spectacle. It was an ecstatic moment. At that time, the crowd cheers loudly; visibly satisfied at the acknowledgment of their presence by the White House: Message delivered and received.
Kudos to Sabine Philippe and the organizing committee (Rev. Pastor Daniel Ulysse, Joe Alfred, former Haitian congressman Gerard Garaud, newly elected Town of Brookline Councillor Judge Jean Senat Fleury, et all).
I share with you a few photos and videos that I shot during the event. I also attached a resolution that was sent out to the US, Canada, Core Group, UN, OAS, by the organizing committee. 
Good viewing, good reading, and have a blessed day. 
L. Bayas

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