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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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Lu sur le net :"Free and Fair elections" means the USofA gets to pick who they want to be the president! "

Publié par siel sur 9 Octobre 2022, 21:12pm

Catégories : #INTERNATIONAL, #ECONOMIE, #PEUPLE sans mémoire...

Un commentare :

I remember reading an article in foreign policy about how all Venezuela wanted to do was to use the oil revenues to subsidise education, healthcare etc. But those are socialist policies and the dysfunctional thinking of the writer made these seem like criminal decisions. I mean what is a country supposed to use its revenue from resources for? Building casinos? This is the level of dysfunction in an average American's thinking, where even a benign policy to help its own citizenry can somehow be demonised. And yes, the predictable insinuations about how Venezuela tried replacing 'highly competent technocrats' from American oil companies by Venezuelans. It's the same story again and again where Wh yte westerners are always trying to hijack a sovereign country's resources and even effect a 'regime change' by lobbing allegations of rigged elections, 'strongman bogeyman' etc. Same happened with mosadegh in Iran when he nationalised the Anglo -iranian oil company. I hope Venezuelans extract everything they need to from the US before signing any agreement. Sincerely, an Indian.

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