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Eddy Jean, un¨Haïtien photographe de mode à New York

Publié par Elsie HAAS sur 31 Octobre 2007, 22:31pm

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Eddy-Jean-photographer-pic-image-content-16163.jpg                                                                   Photo réalisée par Eddy Jean

Being a Fashion Photographer in New York City is a little tough but one can survive. I have started doing assignment for some european clients, I am excited about that.
I was born in the small island of Haiti came to NYC when I was a teenager and I did not forget the bit of french I learned in school there. Upon entry in the United States I joined the Air Force and learned computer aircraft avionic then I started doing weddings for Monte Zucker and Len De Pas in the Wasington DC area, We did some of the most glamorous weddings in the country: for people in the entertainment industry and TV personalities and the Marriot family and others.

I decided to start to shoot fashion in 1988, left DC for New York City, started to work with some of top New York Model agencies such as Zoli, Elite New York, ID Models New York and Next, New York, IMG New York and went to Miami for six(6) months, worked with Next Miami and MC2 Miami.
I studied for four (4) years Fashion Design and Photography, Makeup and Fashion Styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, had a chance to meet several top fashion designers including the late Gianni Versache. Now I also do my own make-up for the models and the fashion styling.
I love shooting beautiful models specially those that are fun loving and unrestrictive, it takes a certain kind of chemistry between the model and the photographer in order to create exceptional images, during the shoot, if there a sense of flirting and positive energy which ift exist between the model and the photographer would inevitably yield magical images.
Powerful pictures only come about when this electricity exists between these two people because the motivation and the passion result in putting the extra something, the collaboration and instantaneous temptation to experiment by doing something innovative and different or previously unexplored which may result in very creative and powerful photography. I am also very good at fashion styling and make-up, all the styling and the make-up are done by myself in my pictures,;
I love to go diner, dancing of good music and watch a good movie, my favored are Eyes Wide Shut and Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are my idol. I also do Solaris Systems Administration Consulting work on behalf of Sun Microsystems for the Wall Street Investment Banking Industry such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York, Bank of America, Chase Bank and the City of New York, Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications.
I am looking for beautiful models who want to work in New York City or for that matter elsewhere and even Europe and be manage by myself. I have started recently doing that and it appears that I am able to get my models good jobs and keeping them busy doing nice work I like to expand on that internationally assuming I put together a great crew.
I had busy consulting on Wall Street but I am going to try to do more editorial magazines work. building up on new fancy photographic equipment so I can get the best results out there. I am starting shoot for Getty Images as well. Websites: http://www.onemodelplace.com/eddyjean http://portfolios.models.com/eddyjean

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