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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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INVITATION au 10ème anniversaire de Windows on Haïti

Publié par Elsie HAAS sur 18 Avril 2008, 09:34am

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You are cordially invited to Windows on Haiti's 10th anniversary get-together on Sunday afternoon April 20, from 1:00 to
5:30, at the Robert Treat Hotel (www.rthotel.com <http://www.rthotel.com>). The hotel is
centrally located in Newark, NJ, at a walking distance from Amtrak (Penn Station) and less
than a block from NJPAC, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Several of our guests have indeed reserved a room at the hotel, for the purpose of attending
the Lataye and David Rudder concert at NJPAC, on Saturday April 19, leading to the
anniversary event the next day.

Further details are available at
www.haitiforever.com <http://www.haitiforever.com> /
www.windowsonhaiti.com <http://www.windowsonhaiti.com> .

Guy S. Antoine
Windows on Haiti

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