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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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"Did You See Youri Latortue?"

Publié par Elsie HAAS sur 28 Avril 2008, 09:03am

Catégories : #R.MORSE chronique

Apri1 18, 2008

A Creepy Roadblock at Midnight


I saw a picture of Youri Latortue in The Chauvettes' newspaper this morning. Makes me think that he may be the Parliamentary leader of recent events. Though Youri Latortue is based in Gonaives, according to the newspaper, he was in the south (Les Cayes) investigating "prices".

Youri, I believe, claimed Parliamentary Immunity when it was suggested that he may some how have been involved in illicit activities during previous governments including that of Aristide and that of Uncle Gerard Latortue. He might have even had a nickname back then. Uncle Gerard, if I remember correctly, had to be escorted to the airport by the American Ambassador. Don't ask me why. Maybe it was a thank you gesture.

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