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Chomsky, les "polysyllables" et les postures des intellectuels parisiens.

Publié par siel sur 18 Août 2013, 12:00pm

Catégories : #VIDEOS

Since the original appearance of an interview with Veterans Unplugged in December 2012, in which Chomsky decried the ‘empty posturing’ of Slavoj ŽižekJacques Lacan and Jacques Derrida, an online back-and-forth has gained momentum between the MIT professor and his quarry.

As Open Culture transcribed, Chomsky claimed:

What you’re referring to is what’s called “theory.” And when I said I’m not interested in theory, what I meant is, I’m not interested in posturing–using fancy terms like ‘polysyllables’ and pretending you have a theory when you have no theory whatsoever. So there’s no theory in any of this stuff, not in the sense of theory that anyone is familiar with in the sciences or any other serious field. Try to find in all of the work you mentioned some principles from which you can deduce conclusions, empirically testable propositions where it all goes beyond the level of something you can explain in five minutes to a twelve-year-old. See if you can find that when the fancy words are decoded. I can’t. So I’m not interested in that kind of posturing. Žižek is an extreme example of it. I don’t see anything to what he’s saying. Jacques Lacan I actually knew. I kind of liked him. We had meetings every once in awhile. But quite frankly I thought he was a total charlatan. He was just posturing for the television cameras in the way many Paris intellectuals do. Why this is influential, I haven’t the slightest idea. I don’t see anything there that should be influential.

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