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Commondreams. Manifestations internationales contre Monsanto

Publié par siel sur 13 Octobre 2013, 14:21pm


March Against Monsanto Kicks Off Second Round Worldwide

- Jacob Chamberlain, staff writer

March against Monsanto in Denver, Colorado, October 12, 2013 (Photo via Twitter /astro yogini \o/ @NautilusCarly)Mass demonstrations against the biotech industry kicked off worldwide Saturday in the second "March Against Monsanto" in 6 months.

Marches are scheduled in 52 countries and over 500 cities to call for a boycott of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), harmful agro-chemicals, and a return to food sovereignty for small scale and independent food producers and consumers.

Photos, live-streams and tweets are pouring in across the social media sphere from rallies across the world.

The first "March Against Monsanto" took place last May and drew up to two million people.

See below for live twitter updates as they happen throughout the day.


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