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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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Commondreams. Vidéo.Aux Philippines, le gouvernement utilise mal l'argent des secours

Publié par siel sur 13 Novembre 2013, 15:38pm


Filipino Gov. Misused Public Funds As People Suffer from Post-Typhoon Devastation

Jose Maria Sison: Evidence shows Filpino government set up ghost non-profits that failed to service its most vulnerable citizens


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COMMENTAIRES instructifs/ Exact et même schéma qu'en Haïti après le séisme pour cause de équipe similaire au pouvoir.

  • Andy49 

    This is the man who reorganized the communist party in the Philippines and has been fighting the government for decades. The government is an oligarchy, with the support of the catholic church, and the rich take unto themselves that which the deem theirs, which is a large piece of everything. The moneys for emergency support and the like are most often spent on companies that supply little or nothing, kind of like what happened in Iraq. Nothing will change. As it stands today supplies are piling up and can't get to the people. Doctors sit in Cebu with not way to get out. The oligarchs have not figured out yet how to take their share of the bounty.

  • Avatar

    They sound almost as corrupt as US politicians.

  • Avatar

    The world knows the system is rigged and people in any and all levels of power know so, they are out to get what they can for themselves. Wall Street and huge conglomerate monopoly corporations and media need to be stopped Now and a sense of morale obligation from all of us needs to be restored. This corruption has trickled down and is just as destructive as these typhoons.

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