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Commondreams. We Are Not Trayvon Martin by Abby Zimet

Publié par siel sur 20 Juillet 2013, 14:58pm

Catégories : #RACISME

In respectful deference to the #WeAreTrayvonMartin movement, Joseph Phelan, an Irish-Italian 30-something New Yorker, started a We Are Not Trayvon Martin site to exploreracism, white privilege, and a failed system for which he and so many others feel they bear some responsibility. Over a thousand people have posted often pained accounts of being "untouchable, in a way that Trayvon never was."

"I am not Trayvon Martin. I am a 23 year old blonde white woman. Last night I walked around my family’s upper middle class, gated community smoking marijuana with another young white woman. We made no attempt to conceal this fact, and we were politely acknowledged by security guards ‘patrolling’ the area. We were not stopped by anyone at any time. We were neither quiet nor considerate of our neighbors, but we were invisible, even untouchable, in a way that Trayvon never was."

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