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Dominicantoday. Le Sénateur Bautista porte plainte contre des journalistes

Publié par siel sur 5 Novembre 2013, 15:38pm

Catégories : #AYITI-RD relations

Beleaguered Senator files more slander chargeslink


Et voici la réponse  (en anglais)de l'un des journalistes poursuivi  devant la justice.

On dirait que la pugnacité de Maître Michel a donné l'exemple de l'autre côté de l'île...

Ce ne sera ni la première ni la dernière fois que des Haïtiens montreront le chemin de la résistance.



No to fear. No to silence"


José Martí the Cuban Apostle said that "big is the word when riding the reason" and that this (the word) "is not to hide the truth, but to say it".

Mr Félix Bautista intends to sue me for telling the truth. An inescapable truth, in view of all those who want to see and even of those who don't want to see. ("The truth is always revolutionary," said Lenin, the father of the Russian proletarian Revolution) and it still is! (Say the Christians that Christ died for the truth)

If for telling the truth I have to go to jail, I go without sorrow.

If for telling the truth I have to pay with my life, I pay with pleasure.

The lowlifes of power do not frighten me nor do the buffoons of the Empire’s Court cause me to laugh. I do not hide as a beetle, or will I leave fleeing like a panicked Gazelle. 

They have bullhorns, police, prosecutors, judges and all the money that the corruption and the debasement of all the institutions of the State, but they do not have the dignity or the decorum of the Dominican people that still holds its reserves.

When that money has bought the absolute silence of the day and night, of men and women, something I consider to be impossible, I walk with a megaphone shouting my truth and denouncing corruption and prevarication, as do Christians with "the word of the Lord".

The lawyers hired to deal with "the boys" in United States are incriminating to the plaintiff and acquit the defendants who do not have the money to pay for a costly lawsuit. 

I also do not have the money. But here it is not the same as over there. 

Here I will not want for lawyers. I already have over a hundred at my disposal. 

..And I have, as if it were little, the main and most powerful advocate: The People who know that what I said is true. 

All the simple and humble people know what I know. And repeats it every day in their homes, in the streets, in their centers of works. 

The poverty of these people is the result of the theft of their wealth throughout the State.

I've said it many times: everyone who enters the government poor and comes out rich, is a thief, no matter what their name is, or which position they occupied in the State apparatus, or the party they come from."


Le commentaire  suivant  montre qu'en  RD, certaines personnes se distancient du nationalisme  "tèt an ba " attrape veaux (pour paraphraser le "Les Français sont des veaux de De Gaule) et aussi que les problèmes politiques que confrontent les 2 populations ne sont pas si différents; ni ne sont si intrésèquement  différents les  fonctionnements des hommes et femmes au pouvoir dans les 2 pays. C'est pourquoi les 2 peuples sont amenés à s'unir dans leur lutte pour leur droit au bien-être.


"...The problem of this island (both sides) is that we have crooks in all economic levels. Basically, we can't trust anyone with any form of responsibilities. While we have Pierre and Pedro as the most honorable citizens, we also have Jean, Marie, Juan, Maria who are always a few steps away to corrupt and disrupt.

We should let go of the pride thing for a moment to end the agony. (Proud to be Haitian. Proud to be Dominican. My foot!) Obviously, it's not working as the island population is suffering far too long. Before it's too late, we must go to a total new direction to be proud about for the island to have the chance that it desperately needs."

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