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Le Monde du Sud// Elsie news

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Logan Abassi of UN/ Naked children's photos. The campaign goes on.

Publié par siel sur 8 Janvier 2013, 13:11pm

Catégories : #MiNUSTAH-enfants nus




On the Minustah's web site, Logan Abassi presents a recollection of his work in a gallery of photos 2012.link


In this  selection of his work, you find less children and  naked children are not shown.


Good thing.


My apprehension was that he was going to jump on the Christmas'event  as a pretext to show off all his insanities on the web.


 However, Logan Abassi, the editor in chief of the Minustah's web  site maintains the photos of haitain naked children  at the same place link


for "gran mèsi", which means, in this case, for his own pleasure and  maybe the one of the people he is taken these pictures for.

You can be sure it is not to inform about the poverty in Haïti or the cholera, as pretended,  for which there is no use of exibiting naked bodies of children on the official site of the UN.


You have been reading this beautiful text written in 1957  by Jacques Stephen AlexisLes voeux de Jacques Stephen Alexis. La belle amour humaine


He remind us that everything which concerns humanity migt be our own concern.


That all of us, we are in charge of keeping our humanity stands up.


That the agression against the dignity of a child,  is an aggression against our own dignity, the one of the child that we have been, the one of our own child, grandchild, the one of all the children from everywhere. 


That it's our collective duty, where ever we are from,  to fight against this malevolent use of the nudity of innocent, powerless and poor children. FIDH. Haïti : Fin de l'impunité pour les éléments de la MINUSTAH responsables de violations des droits humains ?


Call, email, tweet, facebook, to the Minustah until  tehy have their guy take these photos off

Logan Abassi/UNMIH/ Pictures of naked children of Haïti. The campaign continues  

Logan Abassi/Minustah/ Photos d'enfants nus. La campagne continue.

Abassi persiste, Ecrivez, emailez, téléphonez, tweetez, envoyez des Sms à la Minustah pour qu'elle arrête de diffuser les enfants photographiés nus par Logan Abassi

Ecrivez, emailez, téléphonez, envoyez des Sms à la Minustah pour qu'elle arrête de diffuser les enfants photographiés nus par Logan Abassi

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