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The Western sex push and ethnic cleansing in Haiti. Par Ezili Dantò

Publié par siel sur 1 Septembre 2013, 13:20pm



Subject: Fw: [ezilidanto] The Western sex push and ethnic cleansing in Haiti...a British aid worker and his 'gay Haitian partner'..wealthy gays insisting on Droit du seigneur rights in Haiti


Haiti is occupied, raped and tormented by the wealthiest country in the world.
 Its terrorized cruelly at the hand of the greatest superpower on planet earth,
 the white-savior industry - http://bit.ly/GIWsXG and its charitable-industrial

  US charity worker and pedophile, Douglas Perlitz is in jail for nearly 20-
  years plus 10-year probation for molesting homeless boys in Haiti for 10
 Last month, US charity worker, Matthew Andrew Carter, was sentenced to 165
  years in prison for sexually abusing Haiti orphans for 16 years. “Altogether,
 U.S. authorities identified 52 victims they said were sexually abused by
  Carter over the years at the group home.” (See, US occupation: Uselessness of
 USAID, UN, NGOs in Haiti at http://on.fb.me/16JSBYE.)
 There are thousands more foreigners in Haiti still, behind their high walls,
  and apartheid hotels, daily raping, molesting, trafficking, sodomizing
 distraught Haiti children and sexually preying on Haiti women and powerless
 men in exchange for money, power, jobs or approval, as we’ve detailed over the
 Recently there was a report about a British aid worker in Haiti and his "gay
 Haitian partner" reportedly assaulted by some locals at their engagement party
 in Haiti. Haiti has far bigger problems than these isolated incidents, but the
 Western press and wealthy gays insist on their various Droit du seigneur
 rights and privileges in Haiti, notwithstanding that the NGO charitable
 industry’s very presence in Haiti is a denial of Haiti sovereignty and basic
  human rights. These foreigners are working in Haiti from monies collected on
 Haiti misery and where all the rights of the locals have been abrogated with
 their complicity.
 In fact, these are the same adults who mostly turn a blind eye to the occupation of Haiti, the NGO false benevolence, the imperialism, neocolonialism, unfair trade and rampant abuse of Haiti children, men andwomen by powerful homosexuals and heterosexual foreigners as a matter of course.
 There is, of course, the question of POWER and the tastes white supremacy
 forces upon others that may not be their natural predispositions. We know this
  at HLLN, for instance, from working with sexually abused Haiti minors,
 victims of foreign pedophiles, who became victimizers themselves, sexually
 sodomizing other children because that's what they learned as a child from the
 US/Euro charity workers.
  Many of these abused orphans grow up to prostitute themselves to foreigners
 whose sexual taste and proclivities they were taught, like some of the victims
 learning from US charity worker Douglas Perlitz or certain foreign priests and
 pastors how to have sex with a man. Court papers detailed how Douglas Perlitz'
 minor victims were forced to watch US porn films to learn his requirements.
 These children did not have a choice. Their innocence was taken and now many,
 as adults, are in need of psychological help to understand sexuality, their
 lost innocence, their self-hatred, outcast feelings, mental disorders, and
 certain other imported anti-social behaviors forced on them every night when
 they were young and helpless.
What's to say an adult gay partnership with a perceived rich white man at the
  Red Cross, with a UN soldier, a powerful Western politician stationed in Haiti
 is a “natural choice” where there are no jobs, visas, or positions except if one is a "nice Negro" in the eyes of the sexually liberal foreign worker.
When hunger, death and joblessness are the alternative if one doesn't
 cooperate is consent effective? This is not to condone attacks on adult LGBT
 folks overseas. It is to point out that white supremacy in Haiti ushers in
 issues of power, racism and occupation that must end before certain Western
 accepted norms, and sexual tourism even between consenting adults may be said
 to be freely and consensually adopted. Even then, it is offensive for the US,
 as a policy, to force legalized prostitution and special homosexual rights in
 Haiti, in Africa, in the Caribbean, despite overwhelming opposition. (See the
 film showing this at Video documentary/ Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual
After the earthquake with hundreds of thousands more charitable industry folks
landing in Haiti and the US occupation blatantly being "open for business,"
 sexual rape, like the US abuse of power in occupying Haiti is simply ignored
 by journalist as a norm that Black Haiti should endure from the white
 The foreign abuse is happening in the very luxurious hotels built on the
 corpse of 310,000 quake victims whose deaths were used to collect millions to
 pay for building said foreign enclaves in occupied Haiti. (See- Haiti
 “Reconstruction”: Luxury Hotels, Sweat Shops and Deregulation for the Foreign
 Corporate Elite by Julie Lévesque http://bit.ly/17KNTJ9).
 Ezili's HLLN used to try and record as many of the US/Euro/UN charity worker
 sexual abuse of Haiti children and powerless women as we could.
 For years, HLLN was the only voice doing this and then the US/Euro/UN
  molesting, raping and pedophilia and sex push in Haiti became so Sodom-
 Gomorrah blatant and pervasive, it overwhelmed our ability to keep up.
 Here are the links still on-line on their abominations:
 UN Peacekeepers and Humanitarian Aid Workers raping, molesting and abusing
 Haitian children http://bit.ly/3yJpcn.
 I am the History of Rape:
 HLLN Letter to UN asking for investigative reports on UN soldier's rapes in
Cultural imperialism, forced assimilation and the white settler's genocidal
 sex push in Haiti and Africa - Video documentary - http://bit.ly/1427ySB
 In the age of Obama (http://bit.ly/171MYHV), US Ambassador Pamela White
  (http://bit.ly/156H55K) and Martelly/Lamothe, "Haiti open for business"
 literally means the small, innocent bodies of Haiti's children and defenseless
 Black women are the newly added tourist enclaves for the Northern vampires to
 gorge their every perversion upon.
What Haiti today is forced to endure, nearly 10-years after the US occupation
 began behind UN mercenary guns and the Paul Farmer-led NGO invasion, is beyond what a sane human mind and soul will absorb.
The Clintons/Obama administration and the Farmer-led NGO divvied up $9 billion
 in the name of Haiti relief and reconstruction, most of which went back to
  their own coffers for their own plantation vision of Haiti. (See- The Pain
 Rush in Haiti: Clorox Hunger lives in the same space that billions of dollars
  in "aid" are supposed to have been poured - http://bit.ly/17Duopu ; US to
 Rewrite Constitution to Better Serve the One Percent http://bit.ly/150Eoq5 ;
 Vision of Plantation Haiti - A White Pearl, Again! http://bit.ly/bwY2tJ ; and,
 The Plantation Called Haiti: Feudal Pillage Masking as Humanitarian Aid
  In Haiti, the most educated and powerful on planet earth benefit from and help
 hide the US genocidal occupation of Haiti. The US de-legitimized every Haiti
 elections since it began the occupation, its put in its own puppet government
 (Cholera Democracy) and controls Haiti.
 The US occupation of Haiti is to blame for the 15,000 to 20,000 Haitians dead
 from cholera since their UN proxy brought the deadly disease to Haiti.
The US built its now fourth largest embassy in the world in tiny Haiti, not to
 bring Haiti democracy or development as evidenced by the last 10-years of
 terrorizing Haiti, and Obama simply continued the Bush/Clinton warmongering,
 to cart out Haiti riches, take its lands, profit from imposed Haiti chaos,
misery and deaths.
 It's called disaster capitalism, unfettered capitalism, forced assimilation, white supremacy and it’s been a great business boon for the Western elites since the days of their outright slavery in Haiti.
 Ezili Dantò of HLLN
 August, 2013

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