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UNI Africa Telecom says "NO!" to Global Voice

Publié par siel sur 4 Avril 2013, 10:29am

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Ce texte date de 2010.  Il est toujours d'actualité, vu que l'ex-patron,

(ou toujours patron de Global Voice ?) est l'actuel Premier ministre d'Haïti, Laurent Lamothe.

Une version à la Tèt Kale de la coopération Sud-Sud ? Kale tèt moun yo ?

sur le même sujet :Bolloré bientôt en Haïti ? 


The participants at the 3rd regional conference of UNI Africa Telecom marched side by side with their affiliates from Senegal to say

"NO" to Global Voice Group S.A.

A public demonstration was organised by the interunion association of SONATEL workers: the affiliates of UNI Telecom Senegal say "NO!" to Global Voice.

The interunion association of SONATEL workers (the national telecommunications company) representing two unions, SYTS and SNTPT, organised a march in the streets of Dakar to protest against the decision of the Senegalese government to grant control over all incoming international calls to GLOBAL VOICE.

The application of a surcharge on all INCOMING CALLS, in addition to the supervision and control of international traffic (which has already occurred in Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone) will have negative consequences for consumers and workers. Such as an increase in the rates paid by consumers and a reduction in revenue for the state operators. In addition, opportunities for fraud will be created and traffic will be diverted away from the national operators.

Following the example of the political parties, civil society, and the trade union confederations of Senegal, the participants at the 3rd regional conference of UNI Africa Telecom from SOUTH AFRICA, BURKINA FASO, CAMEROON, IVORY COAST, DENMARK, KENYA, MALI, MAROCCO, MOZAMBIQUE, NIGERIA, the DRC and SWITZERLAND, took part in the march in order to express their solidarity with their colleagues in their struggle against Global Voice and undertook to continue to support the struggle upon returning to their respective countries.

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